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I am so glad I am spontaneous and on the go! I was scheduled take maternity photos of Ms. Ashley’s baby bump and this is her second pregnancy and child. So excitingly I agreed and was ready to go! Myself and Ashly’s mom spoke briefly of ideas of what they wanted, well waiting patiently on this ideas to be e mailed to me. They never came?

I had a feeling under the circumstances someone might be in labor. Sure enough the next morning I get contacted in regards that the shoot had to be cancelled. Bummer blessings!!!!!!! I presented the idea of birth photography and they agreed! I was packed up and ready to drive 2 hours away to Laurinburg, NC hospital.

Lets GO!

Epidural was administered. Two hours later I make to the hospital and the pushing shortly follows! This was the most fun photo-shoot I ever got to be a part of and feel bonded to this family forever. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your amazing new day and to welcome little miss to the world!

Please contact me for your birth photoshoot! I do travel across the state and some parts of Virginia and South Carolina.


About me

I started off in photography in 2002.

I got the idea to start my own business when I hired a local amateur small business owner to do my High School Senior Photos. She had a retro film camera, was cheap, and gave a mini album of my best 4×6’s prints. Coming from a small town with a lot of poverty she made good money for her prices.

I observed her and her routine and thought if she can do it so can I……..

After I moved away as a new military bride to Fort Campbell, KY I started to spread my wings. I took a cheap point and shoot camera and walked down the river walk offering free photos to people and mailed them their 4x6s.

I took one photo of my friend while she was pregnant and she mailed it to her husband in Iraq and it was history. People started asking who took this photo and then my name started to spread solely by word of mouth. That’s the best kind of advertising.

“It wont happen until you put yourself out there.”

I have always been the artsy type. So as for my style I have seen I have the ability to take on the clients or subjects style and capture that along with catching the natural beauty caught in the moment! I just don’t know how to explain it, but none of my photos are planned ahead of time. I never carry much equipment and use ISO and shutter speeds for light manipulation. I do however want to go to a class and learn more lighting techniques to further polish my art.

What do I love about photography? I love capturing memories that will last forever and I love the ones you can look on and it starts the movie in your head, and then a blissful smile falls on your lips! Happiness.

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