Pure Before the Taint of the World


With the recent events of American History as sad as it is. I feel like this is the best submission for this weeks photo challenge titled PURE contest. I took these images this past Saturday at a small wedding. I was blessed to see love being united and prayed for with out the validation of a elaborate wedding celebration. No cake, no fancy clothes, no fancy venue, just a local small town park, and the most important of all. God, love, family, and friends.

In many areas of our lives we learn to stop loving, stop liking, and stop hanging out with certain crowds for various reasons. Fear is a good and bad thing depending on where it roots from. Fear and judgement can be a self defense mechanism. However most of the cases of fear are from what we are taught. Fear is based from the unknown.

That is why so many varieties of hate exists in this world, because of the unknown.

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS Love is just like our faith in God, God we can not see, hear, or bear physical witness too. God is the truest form of LOVE and the purest. Just like that LOVE has no race, gender, color, ethnicity, culture, or certain looks of a couple or friendship. LOVE IS PURE like water.