Campbell University Vows

This wedding right here! I absolutely loved shooting it, getting the change to take some unique shots you rarely get to do makes it very memorable!

However there is a key to making memories with these kind of shoots. A fun and outgoing Bride & Groom! Catherin & Ryan were just that!

Take a ride with us on our journey of getting these two hitched!

Ceremony Location Butler Chapel of Campbell University, NC Butler Chapel Facebook Page

There was a superb glass stained window and that just had to be photographed. When you see the stained glass display you just get a sense of serenity knowing your in the house of the Lord. So I could not let this pass by.


Then we drove to Brigg’s Hardware for the reception in down town Raleigh, NC. I would have never imagined this being a reception site but it played out very well. I recommend it they were very nice and attentive staff and even attended to the photographers as guest too. That was very appreciative. And can I say their lighting is perfect for photographing as well. Briggs Hardware

To Enjoy this weddings character and celebrate another union of love please enjoy this video slide show we made. Thanks for sharing the joy I experience in photographing weddings.





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