Pure Before the Taint of the World


With the recent events of American History as sad as it is. I feel like this is the best submission for this weeks photo challenge titled PURE contest. I took these images this past Saturday at a small wedding. I was blessed to see love being united and prayed for with out the validation of a elaborate wedding celebration. No cake, no fancy clothes, no fancy venue, just a local small town park, and the most important of all. God, love, family, and friends.

In many areas of our lives we learn to stop loving, stop liking, and stop hanging out with certain crowds for various reasons. Fear is a good and bad thing depending on where it roots from. Fear and judgement can be a self defense mechanism. However most of the cases of fear are from what we are taught. Fear is based from the unknown.

That is why so many varieties of hate exists in this world, because of the unknown.

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS Love is just like our faith in God, God we can not see, hear, or bear physical witness too. God is the truest form of LOVE and the purest. Just like that LOVE has no race, gender, color, ethnicity, culture, or certain looks of a couple or friendship. LOVE IS PURE like water.



Not Just Numbers

Growing up numbers are making a timeline of history of your life from the first breath we take. Time we were born, the measurements of the baby, the weight, the date of birth, and so to how many months old that the new person is.

Sometimes these months have to be translated for those who never had children to years or a year and half old. Funny I know, but I am in the category.

Then we mark our Sweet Sixteen birthday, 18th birthday, 21st birthday, and let the party begin!

Numbers hold such a weight on our lives yet we over look and take it for granted until a post like this makes you really think it over.

When I saw the new Photo Challenge “Numbers”  I first thought I didn’t have nothing to include in this challenge but then it hit me! I have a couple entries to include in this one post from three different photoshoots I done, one a wedding, Quinceanera’s, and Engagement Session. I hope you get the Numbers and the meanings it holds. Enjoy!

First one is Miss Quinceanera’s or Sweet Fifteen the Latino heritage version of American Sweet Sixteen. When I took this image I was thinking along the lines of Gone With The Wind Southern Charm. Either they know it or not the dress is very Southern Belle.


My second Image that came to mind was the display of wedding rings for the Bride and Groom I photographed March this year. I was trying to find a way to make this image more personal and use their old retro themed setting to the character of the photo. When I went to get the rings from the Groom I saw them playing pool and Boom! I used the balls that represented the Bride and Grooms birth month, his ring on his birth month and hers.

Congrats Jennifer& Steven

Then lastly is a very important numbered event The Save The Date! I took this image at golden hour and as you can see I love to use the Sun Flare to my advantage! I think that it adds character and a true summer loving feel to the image.

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